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The Missing Ingrediant which Your Personality Craves For !

A Smile ! Yes , a Smile is perhaps the most sought after trait in one’s personality ; more than one’s enormous possessions of Gold and Glitzy Diamond sets . Can you remind your-self of an actor who was receiving an award for his(her) performance in a Role but his face was cold and expression-less ; with no semblance of smile over it ? What Does such a face convey to our senses ? First and fore-most , we get into a self debate inside of our-selves whether this person is humble or haughty ; irrespective of his(her) hotness. Secondly […]

Names Can be Sharper than Nails ~!

Shakespeare , showing his stint of magical words in “Romeo & Juliet , scribed these luxuriant words : ” Whats in a name ? That which we call a rose would smell as sweet by any other name .” With out meaning any rebuke to shakespere’s realm of understanding about the importance of one’s name , it wouldn’t be far fetched excaliming that a person’s name is perhaps the most enticing of any Sound that ever crosses his ears . What is actually a Name ? It is actually an identity . its the first ever in-tangible possession that a […]

Watch your Words Twice

Remember the Last time , when some-one you loved , happened to priase the way you dressed or appreciated the new hair cut you wore .What kind of impact did these Lavish words of praise have on you ? Lets try to reflect on those feelings . Perhaps you felt a sudden tinge of upliftment in your inner self ; or perhaps a spark of self entitlement gushed inside you . On the flip side , can you recall the kind of stormy feelings that erupted inside of you when sitting amongst a group of your buddies , a way-ward […]