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Learn how to Overcome your Stress welcome your Joy

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This is How it helps you.....
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    Manage Anxiety/Stress: Your life won't change for good unless you change your relation with anxiety. 60% of this book is dedicated to top techniques, proven mindsets & life-changing advice to get an anxiety free life. 
  • 2
    Manage Worry:  Be Honest! you hurry to worry, even over matters that you some people handle such conveniently. Why is that? I teach you how you can become a worry handler like a champ with the help of some methods that the top performers and balanced people have been using for centuries.
  • 3
     Manage Fear:  Fear is the most decisive force in your life. How alive you feel during your lifetime, depends on how better you handle 'FEAR'. Most of us have never been taught that 'fear' is a natural instinct and that we can tame it. Learn this art inside the book.

Are you Dealing with any of this? 

  • Feeling anxious and unable to focus.
  • Stressed out, scared, high palpitations in heart, loss of hunger or too much hunger.
  • Always worried of what will happen in future.
  • Unable to get rid of past traumas, failures and defeats.
  • Mostly in a state of 'panic' or 'fight or flight' or overwhelming fear.
  • Certain events, people, situations heightening your anxiety & stress.
  • Loss in your mental focus and ability to concentrate, plan and execute.
  • Low energy levels in your body and brain.
  • Always feeling lethargic especially after eating meals.
  • Not being able to muster up ENERGY to 'even think' of doing simple tasks.
  •  Feelings like you are leading a useless life with no enthusiasm?
  • Fear of unknown, which stops you dead in your track always. 
  • Worrying a lot about almost all things ( finances, relationships, future, past).
  • Lack of courage, absence of boldness, doubt in decision making

If you said 'Yes' to all or  atleast three of the above symptoms, then it's because .....

  • No one ever taught you how to deal with unpleasant emotions.
  • Your childhood, teenage or even your adult life was mired with traumatic experiences, which made you what you are today.
  • You always thought or learnt that anger, feeling anxious and stress are evil or bad emotions. 
  • When you were a child, you witnessed lots of unstable, emotionally charged people, situations around you.
  • You un-intentionally gave away your 'personal power' of feeling balanced to other people and situations. 
  • You have developed such patterns in your life (binge eating, missing exercise, bombardment of negative information _face book, tik-tok, news, dramas, movies_) that you feel like you are dependant on them for living through a day.
  • You never tried to discover why you became a victim of  "anxiety" or " chronic worry". 
  • You set some high expectations from life, but it collapsed right on your head and your dreams.
  •  You always thought that feeling HAPPY is a direct result of when something good happening in your life. 
  • You are stuck in such a situation, environment , home, country, family or body, which triggers your stress. 

You are in this MESS NOW, Just like I was once...

My Story : Its related to 'Yours'

Assalamualykum, Brothers & Sisters !  

If you have been in my readers list, you already know my story. If not, I am Hassan , a  simple human who actually was fortunate enough to feel life  DEEPER THAN NORMAL.  My Life ,  I am sure your's as well, threw some really challenging interactions; the most formidable of which  being my face-offs with OCD, anxiety, worry, fear & stress.

 One gift I have (which You also have) is that I made the best use of learning from my challenge and after overcoming these, I made 'Systems'  using which anyone can use to overcome these EMOTIONAL challenges.  Using this gift, I  wrote a book about conquering 'Was'was' and managing " OCD' and Alhumdulillah, thousands of muslims benefitted from it.    

This time,  my humble effort is to enable my brothers and sisters in conquering " Anxiety, Worry & Fear" and  more importantly " Owning your Joy" in life.  Owning your JOY s possible, it's not a rocket science, it's like an art  or a skill which can be learnt.   And I  am here to teach you that and learn from you in the process. 


Author / Teacher/ Coach /Learner 

Know Your Problem, First

The biggest problem which keeps 'you' from rising above your challenges is that 'You don't know your problem' in required details or depths.  Let's start exploring it now, where I tell you that If you don't feel that your mind is at peace, enjoying serenity & able to focus, then you have most possibly 3 hidden enemies, which are:




Be Honest with Your-self? 

  • You know how it feels like to be anxious, and its not a very welcoming feeling at all. Like wise, you are also familiar feeling WORRIED & FEARFUL as well.
  • The problem isn't that much in feeling all these Emotions, as much as it is in your inability to manage them. 

  • As soon as we feel "Anxious or worried, or fearful" or worst all of them together, then we start to feel totally panicked, helpless, losing control and from emotional standpoint, unpleasant and joyless.
  • In that moment we lose any rational thinking and as a result we are in state of " compulsive behaviours".

Your Actual Challenge is ......
Underlying problem is not " Anxiety, worry & Fear" as much in themselves , as all three of these emotions are part of our basic "Survival System".

 As a species, we could not have survived if we didn't have emotions like fear and worry in balanced quantities. 

These are the in fact the set of emotional signatures which keep us ALIVE in the face of coming threats or dangerous events and scenarios.  The key problem is that we don't actually are trained in how to manage these incoming emotions.

So what's your Ticket to Freedom?

You can overcome your " Worry, Fear & Stress" by  learning how...

  1. Your mind works and responds to incoming information( triggers of stress, anger, threat)
  2.  To manage your thoughts by filtering them. 
  3. To Undo your negative self beliefs.
  4. To detect your hidden triggers which push anxiety and stress buttons in you.
  5.  To use mental techniques to diffuse these seemingly ENEMY EMOTIONS.
  6.  To be able to find mistakes in your daily activities, as simple as EATING and Thinking. 
  7. To enable your own body/ brain become your allies in fixing you. 
  8. To fix your diet: which you eat & also which you put in your brain. 
  9. To learn the ancient art of staying "balanced".

Seems like Too Much to Learn?
No Worries.....
This Book Teaches You all

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What the Experts are Saying About the Book?

"An excellent book that will help the reader identify their personal challenges and ways to overcome them. The author has gone to great lengths to research the topic, and has put together a thorough yet user friendly manual for the reader who can identify their challenge and use practical tips and techniques to help themselves out of it. I enjoyed learning about different foods that can affect the mind and body and the different breathing techniques we can start to use immediately. 

The author also shared his own struggles and how he overcame many of them using the same tips and techniques. Give this book a try and start to heal your life and start living a healthy life now." Nadia Leona Yunis - Personal Development & Mindset Transformation Coach, Trainer, Speaker.

Nadia Leona Yunis Ansari

Personal Peak Performance and Mindset Transformation Mentor-Coach-Consultant at Nadia Yunis Consultancy, UK 

Also,This Book helps you with...

1- Exploring your inner 'Self'  

1.1 Unless you know yourself deeply, nothing will change. So, your journey in this book
will introduce you to yourself.
1.2 By 'yourself', it means that your inner emotional system, your chemical mix, your anxiety triggers, your emotional buttons, reasons behind your thoughts and your actions. 
1.3 Diagnosing yourself for the impact of stress, worry and anxiety already troubling your peace of mind.
1.4 Most interesting is your meet up with your 'happy hormones' and chemicals residing inside your body that can become your allies against stress, worry and anxiety. 
1.5 You will be amazed to know your hidden potential, your latent super powers in your own system. 
1.6 You just need to tap out these sleeping chemicals in your system to make you feel  joyful, happy and serene.
- I will teach you how to do that in an easy manner.  

2Mastering  your Mind

2.1 Owning your joy foremost requires you to own your mind.
2.2 Your Mind can be best friend or the worst foe.
2.3 The only difference is how well you know to handle it.
2.4 This I will teach you in depth inside this portion of book.
2.5 Using mind blowing techniques you will learn how to see fear, face to face.
2.6 Using simple yet super effective methods, you will learn how to handle any 'Worry situation" and turn the situation in your favor.
2.7 In this section, you will learn how to tame your demons and how to summon your guardian angels using the power of 'correct thinking".
2.8 You will learn mindsets to beat FEAR& techniques to turn WORRY into your ally.
- And a Lot more.....

3- Mastering Your food Habits

3.1- Your food can 'make or break' your inner state of joy, peace and stress.
3.2  You are going to learn ancient secrets of foods which kept our ancestors more vital, energetic and stress free.
3.3 - You will learn how to model your daily meals, choice of ingredients so as to heal your emotional systems and not hurt them.
3.4  You will learn top 6 categories of food that are best healers.
3.5 You will become a master of choosing those foods which help you stay calm and joyful.
3.6 You will change your whole relation with the act of eating, this step is more spiritual than physical. Remember, after all, we are a sum total of what we eat.
3.7 Shaping your food choices, eating habits and most importantly energy with food is going to enable you to own your bodily joy and spiritual focus plus serendipity.

4-Mastering your Breath /Body:
4.1 You are about to learn how to master 
your body.
-4.2 This, you do by optimizing your breath, first.
-4.3 You are going to learn the breathing techniques I use to manage my anxiety, stress & mind clutter.
-4.4 You are going to learn the importance of breath to change your state from panic to calm.
-4.5 You are going to learn the exercises which you can do anywhere to manage your body.
-4.6 You shall learn the best body exercises, I do anywhere to manage my stress and attain my balance.
-4.7 The herbs which have changed my life; I feel more relaxed, vital, better focused, more energetic and confident. You can start doing the same with no side affects, I can vouch. 

  READ HERE: A Sneak Peak inside the Book 

That's Not All, More Benefits Waiting For you.....

  • 1
    Defeating Limiting Beliefs:  Your limiting beliefs about your self-image, your abilities, your strengths and your potential are the most blatant reasons which stop you from progressing in life. This book helps you break these beliefs.
  • 2
    Controlling Negative Thoughts:  Starting from why negative thoughts occur until the best methods I use on a daily basis to stop them and filter them into better, stronger thoughts. This book has it all. 
  • 3
    Becoming Bold/ Confident: Becoming bold and confident in your own self is the best service you can give to yourself and others. Feel more powerful, teeming with courage and successful after applying the techniques and mindsets , you are about to learn in this book.

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I am such sure about the effectiveness of the methods written inside this Book that I offer a 100 % Money back Guarantee. Read this book from cover to cover and more importantly implement the solutions written inside it. I am sure it shall Insha-Allah help you control all the listed challenges. But if still you decide that this book is not for you ,then you can ask for a full refund  within 30 days. And I shall not be asking you for returning the book. That is a Promise!

Time for Your Questions, Perhaps? 

When Shall I Receive the Book? 

The Book is in digital format. As soon as you shall pay, you shall be able to download the complete book. As a further precaution, we shall immediately send you the book through email.

How can I pay for the Book?

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What if I don't benefit from the Book?

Again, no Worries. You can email me back within 30 days of purchase. And I shall be returning your amount. No questions asked !!!

Who will benefit from this book?  

Its a Self- help book which can help every one, however its specialised at helping people who are :
1) Challenged with Excessive stress in their lives.
2)  Battling with anxiety.
3)  Clueless on how to handle worry / Fear.
4)  Willing to become bolder, more confident and face life's challenges like a warrior.
5) Desirous to become better at handling their emotional sides.
6) Desirous to learn how to become joyful emotionally and physically.


My readers (Alhumdulillah) who have been following my readings know that I believe in teaching  only that which I have  myself tried and perfected.
 "Manage your mind, Own your Joy" is written in the same spirit. Insightful, action packed & simple to the core, so that anyone can benefit from this book and the solutions comprised in it.  

My Joy, peace of mind and control over my emotions has  drastically changed after I followed the life changing principles and techniques I teach in this book and the practices ( about food, body and breath) that have become a life long ritual for me.  I am 100% sure you will reap the same benefits as I did. 
Remember, With joy and serenity filling your mind, less room is left for worry, fear and anxiety.   

Enjoy & Benefit from reading the book !

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