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Cure Your Was’was Forever

What If You could Control All of your worrying Was’was & Weham for-ever (Insha-Allah),
by applying in-depth Islamic Solutions and psychological techniques?

Dear Brothers & Sisters !

• Have you been worried lately, because your mind can not concentrate on Sala’at and other acts of Ibaadah (Reciting Quran , Zikr etc.), due to unwanted delusional thoughts, which emerge all of a sudden from thin air ?

• Have you started to realize that you (or one of your loved ones ) has fallen a Victim to Weh’am (وہم) ; consistently repeating certain tasks like cleaning your hands again and again OR worrying a lot about the purity of your body and your clothes ?

• Do you sometimes see strange and painful dreams about you and your Loved ones ; and as a result become extremely terrified ?

• Do you get certain Blasphemous thoughts about sacred personalities (Prophets , Angels , Allah Ta’ála ) and no matter how much you try, these impure thoughts keep attacking you , time and again ?

• Does your Mind tell you that you are slowly stepping towards KUFR (كفر)) because of your heinous thoughts , that come to you uninvited ?

• Are you starting to spend too much time in the wash Room / toilet needlessly?

• Are you wasting a Lot of water during Wud’hu & during your shower?

• Do you usually forget which Raka’at of Sala’at are you standing in?

• Do you also worry a Lot about nullification of your wud’hu and purity by passing of urine drops or air ; especially while you are performing your Salaát ?

• Have you been searching the Islamic websites on the internet, hours & hours, to find a solution to your problem of was’was, but due to such overload of information, you are not being able to find a simple solution?

If your answer to any of these above symptoms is “Yes “ , then my dear brother ( Sister ) , you are suffering from a condition which in Islamic terminology is referred to as was’was or delusions . And the news is that you are not alone in this quagmire . Because there are so many Muslims who are suffering from the same mess of was’was and sadly due to lack of guidance they are either being misled OR they are trying to suppress these mushrooming Satanic whispers all by themselves ; which is not a good solution .
Read the Heart Wrenching Case of a Muslim Brother , who is embattling was’was since he converted to Islam :

I have been suffering from severe waswas. Ever since I have started practicing my religion, I have been getting these ill thoughts about Allah (SWT) in my head to the point where I cannot tell anyone what I am experiencing because of the embarrassment. I don’t know if this is me or Shaytan. I am very confused. I do not leave prayer; I always pray the Sunnah after Fard because I fear my Fard wasn’t accepted because of these evil thoughts. Am I going to be judged for these thoughts, even though I am not saying them? I feel like I am losing faith and I am going to hell because of this. Could this be my test from Allah? I can’t even tell my Family about these thoughts because I don’t want to be looked down upon. I always read ayatul kursi and all the surahs when this happens, but it still happens. I feel lost and I do not know what to do now .”
Let’s read the kind of was’was that kept one Muslima’h in trouble for such a long time, until she reached out to seek help from a credible Islamic teacher :

“ I am suffering with waswas . Sometimes I get waswas on saying Allaah also and some times it takes me more than half an hour to read one ruku of quraan shareef . And I am always doubtful in taharath(Purity ). Always it feels like urine has passed . I dont know what to do?

Can you Connect to the cases being stated above ?

I realize that your Case could be much more severe or milder than those that have been stated above ; but you need to reckon with one fact that, if you do not Take Step Now to curb these was’was , then they shall keep haunting you for many years to come ; May Allah Ta’ala keep all of us in His ambit of Safety .

How can I say this Confidently? ( My Story )

I can say this with utmost confidence because I have dealt with the horror of Was’was for a long time . There were times , when the intentisty of was’was was such powerful that it would deter me from even offering my Farz prayers . The recurring effect of was’was on my mind was such that , I had started to sink in the quick sand of hopelessness and despair . All I could see were the clouds of fear and hopelessness and ultimate dread of being despised by my creator , on account of those despicable and horrific thoughts that would pollute my mind ; especially when I used to involve myself in acts of Ibaadah (Salaát , Zikr , Recitation ).

I was slowly inching towards a ditch of disappointment , when one day , something happened which helped me muster up courage and told myself that its time to FACE IT & TAKE ACTION .

I consulted psychiatrists , I approached enlightened scholars , I conducted in-depth studies of this issue of was’was in the Islamic and psychology literature . And AlhumduliAllah , today after almost 8 years of suffering from Was’was , Allah Taála has helped me regain control of my thoughts and rid me of the evil whisperings of Satan , to the most part . Although , those thoughts of was’was have not vanished entirely , but , by the grace of Allah , I am no more afraid of them and able to cotrol them before they take control of me . And on the advice my enlighted teacher , I have recorded all my learnings in this 80 pages Book , named :

“Cure Your was’was For-ever ” (Insha-Allah)


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How Is This Book Going to help You ?

This Book , “Cure Your Was’was For ever “ is a simple to READ & ACT guide . It comprises of all the knowledge about cures and remedies that I applied , to rid myself from the jaundice of Was’was . In simple and legible English , I have scribed every detail that contributed to my recovery from the web of was’was . After reading this book , I am sure Insha-Allah , that you would :

•Be fully able to understand and diagnose the psychology of was’was ; their origin ; their Causes and the hidden symptoms . (chapter # 1 )

•You shall be able to self diagnose the STAGE OF WAS’WAS you are at ; So that afterwards you can deal with your Was’was accordingly with the help of techniques illustrated in the later chapters. (chapter # 2 )

• You shall be able to Stop Was’was Dead in Their Tracks ,as soon at they shall try to take you over , while performing Saláat or doing wudhu and Ghusal. (Chapter # 4 )

• You shall , Insha-Allah , be able to do away the Blasphemous Thoughts & never again will you carry the guilt & blame for these thoughts .(Chapter # 4 )

• You shall Learn the reality behind dreams ; and to what extent they can impact your future . (Chapter # 2 , Chapter # 5 )

•You shall Learn the Islamic ways to Maintain focus during your Salaát along with a proven Mediatation technique that helped me regain Laser sharp focus in my prayers .(Chapter # 4 )

• You shall be able to detect the symptoms of mild was’was in your Loved ones (your Parents , Kids , brothers & sisters) and help them get rid of it before this was’was can reach a chronic stage . Trust me , most people at early stages don’t even realize that they are slipping towards the deeper waters of Was’was slowly . (chapter # 2 )

• You will be given a Separate Chapter on each kind of was’was . And in the next chapter you shall be given the Islamic solutions along with the psychological techniques to conquer these was’was entirely . (chapter # 3 & chapter # 4 )

•You shall be gifted with the carefully selected Dua’s of our Beloved Holy Prophet and verses of the Holy Quran< that are BEST CURE OF ANY OF WAS”WAS you are dealing with . (chapter # 5)

•You shall find many cases of fellow Muslims , who are dealing with the was’was and this shall help you understand where your was’was are leading you and how you can stop them , Insha-Allah .

•You shall Rebuild Confidence in yourself & Rejuvenate your faith in Islam . This shall make your life peaceful & you shall never be bothered again by the fear of losing your State of Eeman or being suppressed by the devious plans of devil , Insha-Allah .

•Best part is that you shall again be able to regain a Laser sharp focus & Concentration during your rituals and during your daily affairs ; with out fearing from was’was to return back .

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How Can you Get this Book Right Now ?

This Book can be in your hands and you can start reading it in 5 minutes from now .The actual price of this easy to Read & Act book , is 27 $ . However , as a gesture of helping more and more people , I am keeping its price at 20 $ ONLY for the first 2 weeks .

The price is going to raise after the sale of the 100 copies to its original price of 27 $ .So please don’t delay : Grab this Opportunity while you still Can !!

100 % Money back Guarantee :

The process works like this :

Take 7 days to read the book and start applying the techniques you learn. If, after you’ve read the book you decide that it’s not for you… or you didn’t find any useful information in it for your situation, simply contact us at(Support@hassankhaliid.com) and write “cancel” in your message, and we would refund your amount at your credit card . We won’t even ask you any questions .

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PS : Read this Book at My Risk :

Cure your was’was for ever , will enable you to fight back and cure yourself from the worry of Was’was , Insha-Allah , as soon as you shall start implmenting the Islamic Ways and psychological techniques that have been included in the book . When you are finished reading this book, you’ll have an education and understanding of every aspect of was’was and how to deal with them . Download it now AT MY RISK and read it. If you aren’t 100% satisfied for any reason at all , you can cancel your order, KEEP THE BOOK, and pay nothing.

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