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The Missing Ingrediant which Your Personality Craves For !

A Smile !

Yes , a Smile is perhaps the most sought after trait in one’s personality ; more than one’s enormous possessions of Gold and Glitzy Diamond sets .
Can you remind your-self of an actor who was receiving an award for his(her) performance in a Role but his face was cold and expression-less ; with no semblance of smile over it ?
What Does such a face convey to our senses ? First and fore-most , we get into a self debate inside of our-selves whether this person is humble or haughty ; irrespective of his(her) hotness.
Secondly , we become suspicious of this person’s Friendly behavior ; We start hearing voices , is he even worthy of holding a friendly demeanor ,ofcourse, in his own company but some where down the fine line of our senses , we are visualizing the same person’s imaginary interactions with us . We are creating scenarios in our head of the resulting scenes of our interaction (if ever) with this person . Hence we start gauging and questioning this person’s congeniality with our own social standards .

On the other Hand , Remind yourself of that Sweet Heart Character in your Set of friends who welcomes you with a face staudded with a silver smile . Or that host on the television morning show , whose face is always adorned with a heart pleasing smile . The immediate reaction to such Smiling faces is that we genuinely become interested in them . As the aroma of a well cooked Dish manages to grasp your sense of smell , like-wise a Smile tends to Capture the Sense of your sight . Unknowingly , an aura of trust and kinship , is created for the person who knows the art of wearing a decorative , genuine smile over the face .

As an old expression puts is so expressively ” A woman needs to be more aware of what she wears on Face , than what she wears on her Back ” .A woman with a moon-lit smile , delicate and warm as it conceives , Mesmerizing and Soothing as it recedes is a better ornament than any heavenly piece of Jewellary she would ever wear .Like-wise Men who use the Art of Smiling and observe it in letter and spirit in both Business and personal life make astronmical strides in their financial and private lives .

Conclusively , Divine endowed us with equal set of Lips and perhaps the same number of muscles in our face and left it upon us to either “Smile” with these lips or to “Frown & Groan ” . By the way , as they very well say that , it takes less muscles to smile than to groan .
So choice is yours and that is one of the most rewarding choice you are about to make .

Names Can be Sharper than Nails ~!

Shakespeare , showing his stint of magical words in “Romeo & Juliet , scribed these luxuriant words : ” Whats in a name ? That which we call a rose would smell as sweet by any other name .”

With out meaning any rebuke to shakespere’s realm of understanding about the importance of one’s name , it wouldn’t be far fetched excaliming that a person’s name is perhaps the most enticing of any Sound that ever crosses his ears .

What is actually a Name ? It is actually an identity . its the first ever in-tangible possession that a child is bestowed upon by his kith and kin . The very first gift like the very first kiss is rarely ever forgotten . A Name is to a person as his worth is to him . If a prominent
athlete or an eminent scientiest bears the same name as that of a common man , then this common man upon hearing the accomplishments of that impeccable athlete or of that dextrous scientist will find a common link ; a shared trait and perhaps a common experience to rejoice to . This common man will subconsciously rejoice the achievments of his name mates . That sounds strange but that is a reality . We Deem to hold anything close to our hearts which is some-how connected to us .Hence a name plays a pivotal role in a person’s perceived identity of him-self .

Now its time for a Brain teaser . How much Pain we ever take in remembering the names of the person we get to see often – such as the Grocery store staff , the mechanic , the Cashier at the restuarant or its waiter etc . Do we Call them by their origional names or in order to make up for our inability to remember their names we use prefixes , such as Mr. Ma’am , boy , Dude etc ? Lets admit the fact that we are usually lazy at reflexing the most power-ful muscle in our body . Guess what that is ? You can not farther frm the truth if you said “Our Brains ” .

Some people complain that “whats the point in remembering names when we are bound to forget them a little after-wards.” . What these people are oblivious of is the fact that remembering a person’s name requires some attention as well as some work . Lets Create an interesting Scenario . Imagine that if there were a coffee shop which served your most favorite , fresh and frothiest Coffee for 10 $ a Cup .One day , as you were entering the same shop , you read this phrase ” just Remember the name of your Waiteress & Get 10 $ coffee for 5 $ ” Pasted on the enterence Door . What would you do ? If you are as thrifty as me , then definitely you will rote your Waiteress’ name by heart . Why did you do that ? Because ,you had an incentive in keeping her name intact in your memory ; a solid discount of 5 $ for just remembering a name . Big deal ? . What if i were about to tell you that , for every name you remember brings in some kind of incentive to your life ; sometimes in cash and other times in terms of value .

In-case after reading all above , you are thinking . What is in it for me ? Then Let me be elaborative that whether you are a Business man or women , a house wife , a Student or an executive , your ablity to recall people by names is one of the first step towards your building a long term relation-ship with them . The person whose name occupies a space in your memory and you voice it out would definitely acknowledge this work on your part . This will lead to bringing rapport and easing of what ever business you intend to work with that person .

Even Dale carneige , an iconic best seller , remarks in his Book about the extraordinary trait of some extraordianry gentle men to remember the names of people and acknowledging them when required . Napoleon ,the Third , would go an extra mile in remembering the names of the persons by writing them on a piece of paper and then voicing them out loud and sometimes by seeing the written name for for as long as it didnt impinge in his permanent memory . Ever wondered , why would he do that ? Out of his Curiosity to be a Memory Giant ? No , but infact to employ those names to their best uses when required . To give importance and worth to whom he would be adressing so as to create a link and forge a level of trust and relation-ship with that person .

Therefore , lets not deprive our-rselves of this magical trait of summoning people’s trust by remembering their names and then employing it to the best interest of them and our’s. This single trait can definitely catapult your interpersonal skills to a level beyond what you can imagine at the moment .

Watch your Words Twice

Remember the Last time , when some-one you loved , happened to priase the way you dressed or appreciated the new hair cut you wore .What kind of impact did these Lavish words of praise have on you ? Lets try to reflect on those feelings . Perhaps you felt a sudden tinge of upliftment in your inner self ; or perhaps a spark of self entitlement gushed inside you .

On the flip side , can you recall the kind of stormy feelings that erupted inside of you when sitting amongst a group of your buddies , a way-ward friend of yours spitted some distaste ful line for you ; it could be a sudden ridicule or perhaps a not-so-funny joke about you . Resultantly , ever one burst into laughter . Even you let yourself float with the tide of unceasing laughter in the room. But be honest with yourself and yell and tell as to what actually you felt Deep down ? Lets summon those feelings now – Perhaps you felt estranged or may be a bit embarrassed . Perhaps you developed some sullen despise for that unruly friend of yours .
Sounds familiar ?

The whole purpose behind revisitng your past experiences is to impress upon the inexorable power of WORDS which they wage upon our Emotional Moods . Why is that ? Simply put , words have powerful mechanisms working behind them . These mechanisms exist no where else , but right in the emotional engine of our brains.
A distasteful word triggers a bad emotion inside of us , while , a pleasant word creates a state of ecstasy and bliss inside of us .

Hence , next time you use your words , remember that “First weigh your words before you Speak , as spoken words are like shot arrows that can’t be reversed “

PS: More on the Phenomenon of Words & their wise usage Coming Soon !!